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This is a sponsored post, brought to you by Tassal Salmon.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – it refuels you after the night’s fast; it gives you a significant boost of key nutrients required to optimally fuel the muscles and the brain and it is one of the key meals that gives us the dietary fibre we need for gut health. In addition, protein rich breakfasts specifically are known to help keep us fuller for longer after eating, as well as keeping our insulin levels more tightly controlled. Insulin is the key regulator of fat metabolism in the body, so keeping it well controlled is crucial for weight control. Eggs, baked beans, and bacon are some of the more popular high protein breakfast options, but in the case of bacon we do need to be careful and limit our consumption. So today I can let you know of a new, healthier alternative, salmon bacon! Another high protein breakfast option that you can enjoy with your favourite egg based dish or breakfast roll but one which will also offer you a massive hit of omega 3 fat!

With more and more of us spending time at home, and our café breakfast options put on hold, it is the perfect time to reaffirm our commitment to preparing ourselves a nutrient rich breakfast. And it is not a bad idea to enjoy a heartier option, as you may find that a substantial meal, even consumed a little later in the morning is likely to keep you full and satisfied until mid afternoon, and an easy way to cut back on the unnecessary snacking throughout the day.

So as we look for especially nutritious foods to help us get through this challenging time, a novel, new supermarket food has been developed by Tassal – Salmon Bacon. With all the taste of regular bacon, along with a massive 25.6g of good quality protein and your entire daily recommended served of good fats, this product is a must over your breakfast table, especially at Easter. All you need to do is lightly fry over a hot pan with a little olive oil and you have a crispy, delicious bacon to serve with your favourite breakfast ready in minutes. With more protein, less saturated fat and a hit of omega 3 fats, teamed with some grainy bread or breakfast vegetables you will not look back once you have added salmon bacon into your breakfast repertoire. 

My favourite way to enjoy salmon bacon is on a breakfast wrap teamed with rocket, tomato and a little cream cheese but if you are after some more recipe inspo, see below!

Salmon Bacon Nutritional Comparison

Per 100g

Salmon Bacon | Short Cut Bacon | Ham

832kJ / 198cal | 691kJ / 165cal | 443kJ / 105cal

25.6g protein | 17.3g protein | 15.7g protein

10.1g fat / 1.9g sat fat | 9.5g fat / 3.5g sat fat | 2.6g fat / <1 g sat

 1.2g DHA/EPA (omega 3 fat)

943mg sodium | 968mg sodium | 1090mg sodium


Recipe: Breakfast Super Stack

Serves 1


1 egg

1 large flat mushroom

1 Tassal Salmon Bacon Rasher

1 slice wholegrain or Sourdough

Handful baby spinach


1. Heat BBQ hotplate and grill. Cook egg, mushroom and bacon to your liking.

2. Place bread on plate and top with spinach, mushroom, bacon and egg. Season with salt and pepper.