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This is a sponsored post, brought to you by Mayver’s.

Getting your afternoon snacks right

While some of us can give or take morning tea, most of us are familiar with the need for a nutrition top up mid to late afternoon when our lunch has long worn off and it is still a good few hours until dinner time. While we are often tempted to reach for the biscuits or potato chips at this time, high carb foods can be the worst choice to satisfy the late afternoon munchies. Rather afternoon tea balance is all about protein and fullness so you are not tempted to keep eating all afternoon.

A late afternoon snack will ideally contain fewer than 200 calories and offer the nutrient mix of a little good quality carbs for energy, at least 5-10g of protein for fullness along with some fibre and/ or good fat to help slow down your digestion and keep you full and satisfied for another 2-3 hours. When we choose carb rich snacks such as processed biscuits, cakes, chips and snack food, while we will experience a sudden energy surge will be satisfying for an hour or two before your blood glucose level again goes low and you will find yourself hungry again looking for another sweet hit. 

So if you have been struggling to get your afternoon tea balance right, here are my top options for a calorie and nutritionally balanced snack that will keep your full and energised until dinner time.  

1. Wholegrain crackers with nut spread, cheese or avocado

Whether your preference is for corn cakes, brown rice cakes or a different wholegrain cracker, teaming your favourite crispbread with some 100% Mayver’s Nut Spread, cheese or ¼ avocado creates a snack that is low in sugar and a good source of protein and good fat to help control your appetite. Even better if you add some extra veges such as carrot, tomato or celery to the mix to further boost the fibre content of this snack. 

2. Protein Bread with topping

The great thing about the growing range of protein breads is that you enjoy a guilt free slice of toast in the afternoon with a protein rich topping for as little 5g of carbs and a massive 15-20g of protein which will do wonders for keeping your blood sugar levels controlled all afternoon.

3. Mayver’s Goodness to Go with vege sticks

We will all benefit if we eat more veges but sometimes we need just a little something to make them more appealing. The new individual pots of Mayver’s 100% peanut butters, Goodness to Go means that you can enjoy a portion controlled serve of nut spread with your favourite crunchy vegetables and enjoy a snack that is rich in protein, good fat and fibre. 

4. Roasted Broadbeans or Chic Peas

With a 20g pack of roasted chic nuts giving you less than 100 calories along with 5g of protein and literally no sugars, these tasty morsels are a perfect mid-afternoon snack. 

5. Homemade protein ball

There are lots of protein balls out there but few that contain a good mix of both protein and good fat. Ideally a protein ball will contain 5-10g of protein and less than 20g of total carbs per serve so if you are feeling particularly motivated, you can make yourself up a batch so you have your afternoon snacks ready for the week ahead. 

Recipe: Blueberry & Dar Chooclate Bliss Balls


175g (1 cup) Mayver’s Peanut Butter or nut spread

10 dates, pitted

½ cup dried blueberries 

½ cup dark chocolate chips

2 tsp. pepitas

 2 tbsp. hot water for mix

½ tsp. vanilla essence

Coconut for rolling


1. Place all ingredients (excluding the coconut) in a food processor and blend to combine.

2. Using a tablespoon, roll into balls. 

3. Roll in coconut then place in the fridge for up to an hour to firm up.