Susie Burrell

‘your food, your body, your life’

How to boost your energy levels.

Who could not do with a little more energy? Starting each day with a spring in your step and finishing it in a place other than sheer exhaustion. In busy, modern life pushing ourselves to the brink each and every day has become the norm and often we are not listening to our bodies when it comes to taking more time out to stop and smell the roses. So if you are chronically tired, here are some easy ways to boost your energy on a daily basis so you can thrive rather than just survive.

1. Prioritise your meal times

When we fail to eat at least 3 well balanced meals each day and actually take the time to stop, savour our food and digest we will always be behind the eight ball energy wise. Picking up processed snacks on the go along with loads of coffee and sugary foods to get us through the day means that we are often not getting the key nutrients we need to be at our best. The simple act of stopping for just 10-20 minutes to enjoy a quick, nutrient rich meal will make a massive difference to your overall nutrient intake and your ability to work and function at your best each and every day. 

2. Drink more water

The easiest and cheapest thing you can do to boost your energy levels is to drink more each day. Most of us walk around chronically dehydrated, drinking far too much coffee and energy drinks which take the place of much needed fluid. The average adult needs at least 1.5L of fluid each day which means getting through at least 2 bottles of water throughout the day.

3. Keep nutrient rich snacks on hand

Long day’s means that you need plenty of nutrition throughout the day and many of us will need to add in a couple of snacks to help regulate our blood glucose levels. Often we reach for quick snacks – rice crackers, biscuits, snack bars which lack the protein we need to support sustained energy release. Better options to keep on hand include fresh fruit, nuts, cheese and crackers and protein bars which will hit the spot but also help to keep your glucose levels under control.

4. Get out and walk

It is not uncommon to hear my clients sitting indoors for 8-12 hours a day without sunlight or movement. The human body is programmed to move, a lot and one of the easiest ways to get the blood pumping is to prioritise moving as much as you can each day and trying to catch some sunlight at least once a day. This also means that getting out at lunchtime is non-negotiable.

5. Set aside some time out

You may only be able to manage 5-10 minutes of time to yourself each day but taking this time to sit, read, have a cup of tea and just be is a crucial self-regeneration step when time is tight. Some people meditate early in the morning, others have a swim or a walk or some may simply choose to watch their favourite show before bed. Whatever your time out is, schedule it and factor it into your life on a daily basis to relax, recharge and reset for the busy day ahead.