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Easy ways to supercharge your nutrition.

Busy lives can mean lots of stress, and maximising our nutrition in an attempt to give our bodies the best chance of managing the pressure of daily life is a no brainer. While we often hear about superfoods, in reality it is the overall balance of our diets that ultimately has the greatest impact over our health and immune function. So if you know your diet could use some supercharging, here are the daily steps to take to maximise your overall nutrient intake.

Go raw and cooked.

In our quest to eat well we often seek raw, whole foods – salads, raw veges and juices designed to consume our food in as natural a state as possible. While raw good is good for you, cooked vegetables too are important as the cooking process itself can make some nutrients more bio-available. This means including both raw salads and juices along with cooked vegetables into your diet daily is one of the easiest ways to boost your intake of fibre, vitamin c and beta carotene, the precursor to vitamin A.

Add in a super smoothie.

Busy lives mean that we can find ourselves needing to grab quick and easy meals and snacks in the run which can compromise our nutrition. An easy way to make sure we get a daily nutrient hit is to add a fruit and vegetable rich smoothie or juice at the start of each day. A mix of a piece of fruit, 2-3 vegetables, a little avocado, Greek yoghurt or milk offers a low calorie nutrient rich breakie drink that ticks the box on a number of essential vitamins and minerals before you have even started the day. And if you invest in a blender such as the new Sunbeam NutriSeal Blender you can even make your juice or smoothie the night before and it will retain up to 40% more Vitamin C the next day!

Boost your daily zinc and iodine.

In Australia we eat far less seafood and shellfish than we need to give us the optimal amounts of both zinc and iodine. Iodine is required for optimal thyroid function while zinc helps to keep our immune system in tip top shape. This means include fish or shellfish in your diet 2-3 times each week will significantly increase your intake if these essential nutrients. Think prawns for salads and stir fries, indulge in mussels or oysters when you are our and about and aim for fish for dinner at least once each week.

Commit to prep.

Surprisingly getting super organised and prepping your food for the day is a sure fire way you can boost your daily nutritional intake. Foods we pick up away from the home are generally higher in fats and calories and lower in vegetables, fibre and vitamins and minerals than fresh foods we bring from home. Throwing together a salad, packing up some leftovers & grabbing some fresh nuts, fruit and veges for snacks will boost your overall nutrient intake without you even noticing.

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