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Easy ways to boost your families Omega-3 intake

This is a sponsored post, brought to you by Tassal.

We know that fewer than 20% of Aussies get anywhere near enough Omega-3’s in their diet, which means that many of us, including our kids stand to benefit from eating a whole lot more Omega-3 rich fish such as Tassal Tassie Salmon. The key to boosting our intake of Omega-3 rich fish is to strike a balance between budget friendly options and meals the kids will also enjoy. To help make this easier, Tassal has added some new, family friendly meal options to their core range to help make getting your weekly Omega-3’s a whole lot easier.

Swap it into the family’s favourite recipes

Any parent knows that there are meals that kids devour in minutes, and then there are meals that you literally have to beg them to eat. A simple way to help increase your kids weekly fish intake is by incorporating it into their favourite meals. Think burgers made with the new Tassal Tassie Salmon Burgers, salmon schnitzels made with your favourite crumb, a little smoked salmon on home made pizza or a stir fry made with new Tassal Fresh Diced Tassie Salmon. Here you can tick the box on both taste and nutrition in simple, quick and easy meals.

Make your own sushi

Kids love sushi – most likely thanks to the bite sized pieces and bright colours. Kids also love to make sushi and we know that the more kids are involved in food preparation, the more likely it is they will eat what they have prepared. This means that incorporating more Omega-3 rich salmon into your week can be as simple as ordering sushi for lunch occasionally, or even better, get the whole family involved in making your own sushi with a variety of brightly coloured ingredients options including smoked or fresh, cooked salmon, avocado, grated vegetables and fibre rich black and brown rice.

Enjoy it at breakfast

Relying on the same foods to increase Omega-3 intake on multiple occasions each week is tricky, so having the option of spreading them out over different meals makes things a whole lot easier. When it comes to breakfast, the good news is that smoked salmon is a perfect accompaniment to many breakfast favourites including eggs, breakfast wraps and homemade rosti’s, and is an easy way for the family to get another serve of Omega-3’s.

Enjoy a family BBQ

It goes without saying that there are few things as tasty as foods cooked and enjoyed at a good old Aussie BBQ! Not only is Tassal Tassie salmon a great BBQ option, but specifically it works well cut into pieces and made into salmon kebabs, another food that kids love to eat and prepare.

Swap it into your favourite pasta

A simple pasta meal is not only a family favourite, but also a quick and easy meal to prepare. Simply swapping in the new Tassal Diced Tassie Salmon in place of ham or chicken with the family’s favourite pesto or creamy sauce, and you will have yourself another tasty mid-week meal that can be prepared in minutes, but also one that ticks the box on another serve of Omega-3’s.

Recipe: Salmon Dippers

Serves 2-4


300g Tassal Fresh Diced Tassie Salmon

1 egg, beaten

1 tbsp. flour

¼ cup LSA

½ cup panko crumbs

Extra Virgin Olive Oil for cooking

Mixed chopped veggies


1. Combine LSA and panko.

2. Coat salmon pieces in flour, then dip in egg and crumb mix.

3. Lightly fry in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, AirFry or bake at 160deg for 20-23min until cooking is browned.

4. Serve with chopped veges and mayonnaise or tomato dipping sauce.