Susie Burrell

‘your food, your body, your life’

It is known that when you are feeling tired you are not only likely to eat more, but to eat more high calorie food to help boost glucose levels and give yourself a short term sugar boost so you can make it through the day. The issue with this is that the short term hit of energy is rarely sustained and can further drive the desire for sugars and high calorie foods, leading to overeating. So when you are feeling like you need something to get you through, here are some of the better energy boosting snacks without the extra sugar and calories.

1. Wholegrain bread with nut spread

Now you can find a range of lower carb breads, teaming these with a good quality 100% nut spread is a perfect way to combine a portion control of good quality carbs along with protein and good fats to help boost and sustain your energy for another hour or two.

2. Yoghurt with No Added Sugar

There is a growing range of sweet yoghurts that now contain No Added Sugars making a protein rich yoghurt a great option for a little sweetness with sustained energy. 

3. Nut or Protein Bar

The great thing about nut bars is that they help you to keep your portions of the nuts controlled as we all know how easy they are to overeat. You can now find both nut and protein based snack bars with less than 5g of sugars per serve which strikes a perfect balance between carbs and proteins. My favourites are generally Carman’s Bars but you can find a range of nut and protein bars now with 10g protein per serve. 

4. A milk coffee

This one may surprise you but a small milk coffee contains fewer than 100 calories and the caffeine it contains will boost your energy and concentration for at least an hour. Having milk with your coffee will help to sustain your energy for a little longer or if black is your think enjoy it with a piece of fruit. 

5. Crackers and cheese

Not only is cheese a tasty and filling food, but teamed with a couple of corn or wholegrain crackers will give you a nice mix of carbs and proteins to boost your energy without the energy drop that follows a sugary treat. My favourite crackers are Vita Weat 9 grains or Corn Thins.