Susie Burrell

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Why my family always has salmon on Mondays.

Any busy family will be well briefed in the Monday rush – getting to work, school, activities, sport as well as the supermarket to try and get something nutritious on the table when the troops arrive home at night. It is exhausting even thinking about it. The intensity of modern life means that on a daily basis we are constantly scrambling, and when it comes to meal planning and preparation it is not that we do not want to eat well, rather struggle to find the time to take control of our nutrition.

This is the reason that I opt for food routines at home. We know that a key component of healthy eating and weight control is habit – rituals and routines that become part of regular life so that we no longer have to exert energy thinking about what we are doing. Habits such as going to the supermarket on a weekend to shop for the week ahead; packing the lunches the night before and always having salmon for dinner on a Monday.

I have always kept the food pretty simple at home – even before I had children to the point where I tend to eat the same type of meal on certain nights of the week. As a dietitian I know the benefits of consuming certain amounts of fish, red meat and veges each week and have built a food routine to achieve those nutrition goals each week. For me this translates into light meals at the start of the week, and meals which take very little time to prepare for the nights when things are go, go, go at the start of the week.

As a rule of thumb, ‘go light on Sunday night’ is closely followed by fish and veges on a Monday. A quick and easy meal (just 5 minutes each side) to help reset my diet after the indulgent weekend and one that is tasty and nutritious. While all fish is good for us, nutritionally salmon is my go to, especially now I have small children because a single serve of salmon provides us with our recommended daily intake of omega 3 fats – there are very few foods which do this. Indeed for this reason I serve salmon to my boys at least 3 times every week so aware I am of the enormous benefits for their cognitive development and health overall. Plus it is easy to cook – 5 minutes in the pan with some sweet potato chips and peas and you have a toddler friendly meal that gives them a massive nutrition boost – healthy eating does not get easier for families.

So next time you cannot think for the life of you what to have for dinner, and need some family friendly options, don’t forget a simple piece of salmon. Or even better, join me for fish on a Monday. It will make your week a whole lot easier, and healthier as a result.