Susie Burrell

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Give your meal plan a freshen up this August

This is a sponsored post, brought to you by Table of Plenty.

Hands up if you are bored with your food at home? You are not alone – with many of us eating at home a whole lot more than we are used to thanks to our friend who has overstayed its welcome COVID, it is not surprise that we are feeling a little jaded when it comes to weekly menu planning. Home prepared meals though are a whole lot cheaper, generally more nutritious and contain significantly fewer calories than meals we order in, so it worth spending some time considering how you can create some excitement in the kitchen. So, if you are completely over the meals, you routinely prepare each week, here are some easy ways to mix things up a little and find your love for home cooked food again.

1. Seek out some new inspiration

Do not underestimate the power of a few appetising recipe images to get you looking forward to cooking and eating at home again. All you need is a couple of new recipe books, or even an hour or two spent online to seek out some new ways to prepare your favourite meals. Sometimes we are so busy we forget how easy this is to do, and how it can revolutionise your nightly meals and even your nutritional intake simply by cooking and trying something new.

2. Look for flavour boosters to your favourite meals

Sure, you may regularly cook chicken or fish, along with vegetables but if you consider that adding a new sauce, crumb such as the tasty Table of Plenty Italian Herb Blend Panko Crumbs to your protein or some delicious Dukkah to top any vegetable mix can completely change the way your go to, easy to cook meals taste, it is incredibly easy to mix up your favourite dishes. Myself, I like to crumb the family’s salmon with a Dukkah crust – easy, delicious and another easy way to increase food variety at home.

3. Create the ambiance

Meals times are a beautiful way for families to come together, talk, and savour a homemade meal but all too often modern life means that meals are eaten mindlessly, on the run-in front a screen. Even if you can only manage a family meal occasionally, make it special. Turn some music on, light a candle and enjoy your meal over a couple of courses – you will enjoy your food a whole lot more, it sets up children for good meal time habits long term and suddenly meals times are the highlight of the day, especially when the days spent at home are especially long.

4. Try something new

One of the reasons many of us are feeling this lethargy around meal times at the moment is that we are simply bored, and not getting the novel factor associated with eating out and trying new things. Introducing some novel ways to eat at home, like making your own pizza, setting up a fondue or theming your nightly meals are easy ways to mix things up and add a little excitement to your weekly meal roster.

5. Swap dinner for a platter

It is no surprise that many of us are getting tired of eating dinner in the same place night after night so another option is to swap a typically dinner to a smorgasbord style platter every so often. Here you can use up leftovers, put out a range of veges, salad, proteins and accompaniments and everyone can make their own preferred dinner mix. The kids love it and you can serve easy to eat and prepare foods such as chicken tenders or prawns crumbed with the Table of Plenty Deep South Cajun Blend Panko Crumbs, roasted veges and bread with Dukkah and Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some extra sauces and dips for flavour – fun, easy and nutritious.