Susie Burrell

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How to improve your nutrition while in ISO

With many of us now in the third week of lock down, the novelty of being able to sleep in a little later and not have to battle the usual traffic to get to work has almost worn off and we are starting to get a little irritated with the current state of affairs. So if extra chocolate or wine has been getting you through, here are some of the more powerful ways you can actually improve your health and well-being in iso through strategies that will long outlast this period in our lives.

1. Commit to a major kitchen clean out

The truth be known, many of us have enough food in the fridge and pantry to last weeks, if not months.

This time we have been given represents a major opportunity to get stuff done. Stuff that has needed doing for some time such as cleaning out the fridge and pantry, and getting it organised in a way that makes healthy eating easy is a fulfilling and hugely beneficial activity when it comes to our health.

A good clean out will force you to take stock (pardon the pun) of what you have, what new recipes you can prepare using these ingredients and is a chance to really re-organise to you have yourself an Insta worthy fridge and pantry at the end of it. Not only will this inspire you to take joy in food prep again, but it will give you a big job to do over several days.

2. Spend some time thinking about what’s really important to you

In busy lives we rush from one thing to another, scan the feeds of influencers we don’t know for health and fitness advice and constantly claim to want to lose weight and get fit, rarely actually achieving anything at all, other that wasting a whole lot of time and energy.

Now we have a lot more time, it is an opportune moment to dedicate some time to really considering what your current life entails and what changes you need to make to reach the goals you have for yourself. It is also a perfect time to rid yourself of the noise on social that is not helping you and a good indicator of this is if you do not feel great after seeing or reading something online and instead seek out the people and advice that will actually help to move you forward.

3. Build a new food plan

Whether you already have a food plan, or know you need more structure with your food to help you be at your best, this is the perfect time to add some new meals to your repertoire, build or get a food plan from a dietitian online and work on cementing some new food habits that will help you to get to where you really want to be.

4. Get in touch with your hunger again
When was the last time that you felt really, really hungry?

Chances are you can’t remember because the reality is that very few of us eat because we are hungry. Rather we eat because we are bored, other people are eating or something tempting is on offer. And this is the reason so any of us are gaining small amounts of weight over time, we eat when we are not hungry.

So with some extra time, it gives us an opportunity to concentrate on our feelings of hunger, rate them and then only eat when we are really, really hungry. You will be surprised how much better food tastes when you eat when you are genuinely hungry.

5. Make healthy eating fun

Human beings get bored easily, and this is one the key reasons that diets do not work, we get bored of the same old meals and snacks. So in an attempt to spice things up, if you find yourself with a few hours to kill and cannot bear to look at another jigsaw, take the time to build yourself a new scrapbook – real or virtual of new, tasty and healthy recipes to prepare and try. When we get excited about our food intake, eating well becomes a whole lot easier.