Susie Burrell

‘your food, your body, your life’

Welcome to The Nutrition Couch!

For the longest time I have wanted to have a weekly nutrition podcast. I am an avid podcast listener, and my favourite podcasts are news based podcasts, episodes that chat about current events in real time.

There is an art that accompanies great podcasts. You need to have chemistry between any hosts, you need to be equals so one personality or skill set does overpower the others, it has to be nice on the ears and it needs to be entertaining or you will start to think about other things and switch off, so I spent a lot of time thinking of a successful, unique format that would be light and interesting to people like you who enjoy hearing about health and nutrition.

So after a number of years I think I have finally got it right. I have teamed with another high energy, practising dietitian, Leanne Ward to create The Nutrition Couch – a weekly nutrition update for anyone who is interested in everything that is current in the world of diets, nutrition, weight loss and food.

Leanne is based in Brissie and works exclusively online with women specialising in weight control, gut health and emotional eating. We met several years ago and what I love most about Leanne is not only her hands on clinical experience working with clients every day, but her current, no nonsense approach to diet and nutrition. Sometimes she speaks and I think that I would have said exactly the same thing.

This is the first Aussie podcast from 2 dietitians which will be chatting current diet and nutrition issues and topics on a weekly basis. Here you will learn what is being talked about on the news, what the latest diet and weight loss research has said. Hear what we are cooking and buying. What our clients are asking us and presenting with. And what are our favourite products in the supermarket and why. You will literally feel as if you are sitting in the dietitians office. So subscribe here for your own spot on The Nutrition Couch which will drop every Sunday morning.