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Hawkesbury Gazette

Hawkesbury Gazette

Nutritionist promoted healthy eating through meal prep as people return to office work.

With isolation restrictions easing and working from home coming to an end, many people will soon be returning to the office, which may be worrying, especially when it comes to preparing lunch and snacks.

Food to help you bulk up

Coach Nine

Foods to help you bulk up

When muscle mass is the goal, calories are key — but not just any old calories, says dietitian Susie Burrell

The four diet mistakes you are making

Daily Mail

The Four Diet Mistakes

The four diet mistakes you are making after 7pm – from eating fatty foods that lead to ‘sticky arteries’ to drinking glasses of wine WITH your dinner

Easy ways to beat return-to-work weight gain

Daily Telegraph

Easy ways to beat return-to-work weight gain

As workers make a return to office life they’re likely to be reacquainting themselves with high calorie food courts and vending machines. But there are some simple ways to help your wallet and waistline.

Daily Mail Australia

Sunrise 7 News

Good mood food: how your diet can affect your mental health

Dietitian reveals the five simple tricks to lose weight this winter – and how treating yourself to a ‘cheat’ meal once a week can help you stay on track

Tassal Tasmanian Salmon

Susie Burrell’s Low Carb Salmon Pasta for #SalMonday

Body & Soul

Boday + Soul

The quiet symptoms that your hormones might be out of whack

Our lifestyle habits can impact our hormones, and our hormones influence how we feel. Dietitian Susie Burrell spoke to endocrinologist Dr Katherine Tonks and GP Dr Debbie Hill about ways to know if your hormones need to be rebalanced.
The cheap, healthy brekkies you need to know about

If you’re a brekkie regular at your local café, you’re probably used to spending anywhere from $12 to $20 for a pastry and a coffee, or a hot meal.

For those looking to shave precious dollars off the weekly food budget, cutting your café habit is a good place to start — and better still, there are ways to make a café-style breakfast at home that trump your local in both the nutrition and budget stakes. Check out some of my favourites, all for under a fiver.

Low Carb Salmon Pasta wtih Susie Burrell
Susie Burrell’s Low Carb Salmon Pasta for #SalMonday

Guilt-free comfort food: Aussie nutritionist shares top tips for making your favourite meals healthier
Susie Burrell
Leading Australian nutritionist and dietitian, Susie Burrell

Sydney Morning Herald
An update on fasting and whether it may be the right time to give it a go

With many of us still working from home with easy access to food, weight gain has anecdotally been a common side effect of lockdown. If you’re wanting to shift a few kilos and regain control over food intake, intermittent fasting, or the regime that has gained significant attention off the back of the work of Dr Michael Mosley, may offer a number of benefits.

Specifically it is the simplicity of fasting regimes that explains their popularity and why fasting may be a long-term dietary solution.

Good Food Guide
How long can you really use foods past their best-before date?

If you spent the past few months stocking up on extra food or hanging on to old pantry items, you’re likely not alone. Now, as the weeks tick by, you may be wondering how to avoid throwing it all away.

Between the different expiry and use-by labels, plus the risk of frozen foods starting to spoil, it’s no surprise many people may be confused about what is safe and not so safe to eat.

Here are some helpful guidelines on how long to keep your fresh and packaged goods.