Susie Burrell

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This is a sponsored post, brought to you by Australian Bananas.

Wednesday is National Banana Day!

As Australia’s most popular fruit it seems only fitting that bananas are given their own national day to celebrate their very existence. May 1st, 2019 marks National Banana Day here in Australia – a day to talk about, celebrate and enjoy our favourite nutrient rich fruit. 

Bananas are one of the oldest fruits and it is estimated Aussies work their way through 5 million bananas every single day! So while you may know they taste great you should also know that bananas are nutrient powerhouses fueling Aussie families to be at their best every day.

Bananas are regularly referred to as nature’s energy food and indeed when we take a closer look at the nutritional profile of a banana they are a perfect pouch of energy with their very own carry case!  First and foremost bananas are a low GI carb rich food perfect for active busy people on the go. With 20-30g of good quality carbs and naturals sugars along with at least 3g of fibre per serve, bananas will give you the natural energy you need to power through your day. Bananas are especially high in Vitamin B6 which is involved in energy metabolism, potassium which plays a key role in keeping our muscles (including our heart) working efficiently and magnesium again for optimal muscle functioning and recovery. 

Bananas feature on my family’s weekly menu in a number of ways. As a nutritionist I love my kids to enjoy a banana with their breakfast for a dose of good quality carbs and fibre to start the day. I regularly use bananas in my baked snacks including my banana bread and muffins to help fill the twins lunchboxes and also as a soft base for homemade protein balls and I always have a bananas in my bag for a quick natural energy hit when I am out and about on a daily basis. 

Again with my clients I regularly use bananas as part of their meal plans, either teaming them with nut spread and high protein bread for a nutritionally balanced breakfast, with nuts as a late afternoon snack or frozen and even dipped in a little dark chocolate as a calorie controlled, natural sweet treat after dinner. 

Sometimes fruit including bananas get a bad rap for being high in sugar but this is far from the truth. While bananas do contain natural sugars as does all fruit, it is still a relatively low amount overall which means that bananas can still take pride of place in any healthy, calorie controlled diet.

So if you have not had one today, grab yourself one of nature’s superfoods and celebrate National Banana Day with us! Your body will thank you for it!