Susie Burrell

‘your food, your body, your life’

This is a sponsored post, brought to you by Mayver’s.

Let’s not forget how good nuts are for the entire family!

Chances are you know that nuts are good for you but few of us realise exactly why they are so good and specifically why they are so good not just for those wanting to eat healthy but for the entire family. For those at risk of, or dealing with childhood allergies naturally nuts are off the menu, but for those without allergies, nuts are an extremely nutritious, natural whole food, often under utilised in our daily diets. 

All nuts, and even legumes (in the case of peanuts) are packed full of nutrition – a natural source of fibre, protein, Vitamin E and both poly and mono unsaturated fats, nuts are filling, tasty and offer a natural mix of fats which play important roles in our overall health long term. 

A single serve of nuts each day is associated with weight control and heart health but the reality is that few of us reach the recommended daily intake of 30g, 20 individual nuts or roughly a tablespoon of nut spread. This is especially the case for children who can consume nuts but are unable to throughout the school day due to allergy risks. 

As a serve of nuts adds a hearty dose of good fats, not including them along without good fats via avocado, olive oil and oily fish means that our fat balance tends to lean towards a higher intake of saturated fats that come from our meat, dairy and processed and fast foods. It is this pattern of eating that is associated with increased levels of inflammation in the body over time. On the other hand, including a daily serve of nuts along with olive oil and oily fish boosts our intake of both monounsaturated and the important natural polyunsaturated fats which have powerful anti-inflammatory effects over time. It is for this reason getting the fat balance right for children is so important – they too need these good fats to lay the foundation for healthy cells for life. 

Now while I love nuts myself, I find keeping them at home difficult as they are expensive, hard to keep fresh and are exceptionally easy to overeat. For this reason for some time I have been a massive fan of nut spreads. Here you can combine the goodness of nuts, in cost effective jars that are always ready to add to sandwiches and crackers or to use as a base for protein balls and healthy snacks for the twins. Knowing that enjoying nuts is one of the few ways the twins will get their good fats is a daily reminder for me to add some nut spread to their toast or to serve with vegetables for afternoon tea. 

So to finish this post I am thrilled to announce that I have come on board as an ambassador for Mayver’s – the all Australian makers of the most delicious nut spreads including the brand new Goodness to Go pots which offer a portion controlled pack of 100% peanut butter which as you can see my twins love as much as I do! I look forward to sharing with you some of my favourite recipes that use Mayver’s over the next few months, as well as taking you through their entire extensive range.