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A significant proportion of my work is nutrition and lifestyle consulting for corporates, the food industry as well as those interesting in developing nutrition and lifestyle content for their audience.

Whether it is for staff education, lifestyle programs or special events, I am able to develop a program that will inspire and upskill employees to be at their physical best by building their own nutrition platform.

For the food industry, working with the media for more than 15 years has given me unique insight into the underpinnings of successful media campaigns for products that have a strong nutritional story to tell.

Or if you are a gym owner or are after some unique nutrition content, myself and my content agency, Reenergise Health have all your needs covered.

Currently I am working with Tassal Salmon, Vesco Foods, Mayver’s and Australian Bananas.

Partner with Susie Burrell
Corporate Talks

Corporate Talks

Corporate health and wellness is a major area of growth for many companies. Susie has the unique skill of combining nutrition and the psychology of lifestyle change into your workplace to inspire and support long term behavioural change in your workplace.

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Boost Your Nutrition & Your Energy

Good nutrition builds the foundation of a high functioning mind and body, yet it is rarely considered an important aspect off productivity and performance.

Understand the link between good nutrition and physical functioning for both the brain and the body

Learn the key food habits and superfoods that will help to optimise energy and boost performance

Ensure your team is ticking the nutritional boxes that support mind, brain and body health in a high stress work environment

The Food / Lifestyle Habits of Effective Leaders

Good nutrition is not by chance, rather it is a decision that can impact performance and mental functioning on a daily basis

Effective leaders do not leave their nutrition to chance, rather they see it as an opportunity to build a strong physiological platform to ensure they are at their best physically every single day

Learn the key lifestyle habits of effective leaders and how to incorporate these into your workplace culture 

Adopt simple yet effective workplace strategies for weight control, take control of work based travel and social commitments and learn how to balance the demands of corporate life without sacrificing health long term

Build Your Nutrition Platform

What is good nutrition for high functioning people?

Learn the core components of a strong nutritional platform for both health and weight control. 

Learn how to incorporate good nutrition with the ever growing demands of corporate life

Strike a balance between good food and good health in the midst of a busy and demanding work schedule. 

Use this information to build your own sustainable nutrition platform to allow you to be at your best every single day. 

Food Solutions for Busy Women

Often we know what we ‘should’ be doing to maintain an optimal diet and exercise regime but the daily demands on our time are overwhelming

For busy women everywhere, a good lifestyle balance is dependent on time management, simple food strategies and sustainable lifestyle habits.

Identify the key components of a balanced diet and the lifestyle habits that will put you on a path of weight control for life

Adopt simple yet effective strategies for weight control, meal planning, craving control and hormonal balance to take control of your weight and your health, for good. 

Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Susie regularly appears at a wide range of health, well-being & lifestyle expos supporting a range of different brands and key messages. From cooking demos to inspiring seminars Susie can engage your audience.

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Planning Is The Key To Dietary Success

Did you know that the simple act of planning is the key to dietary success? Good nutrition is about having the foods on hand you need to eat well. It is about know what your best quick and easy meal options are. It is about knowing what snacks to grab on the run.

Good nutrition is about making good food decisions most of the time. Learn the principles of good nutrition but more importantly the key skills that differentiate those who take control of their diet and the lifestyle and those who never seem to be able to make sustainable changes.

Most importantly cement the art of planning on a daily basis to ensure good nutrition becomes a habit, not a diet. 

Build Your Positive Food Platform – Maximise Your Life

What we choose to eat on a daily basis ultimately impacts the way we feel, perform and look every single day, yet we rarely give it the attention it deserves to help ensure we are at our best.

Learn how to build your own positive food platform so that good nutrition becomes an enjoyable aspect of your life rather than one filled with diets, deprivation and dread.

Understand what the core components of good nutrition are; incorporate them into your daily food regime; build sustainable lifestyle habits and cement a strong food platform that supports you to be your best possible self.

When we eat well, we look well and we perform well, this is a the basis of building our best self to live our best life.

Are Your Hormones Making You Fat?

Our hormonal balance is the underpinning of fat balance and weight control, yet we rarely refer to it as the reason we may not be feeling as good as we should be on a daily basis or getting the results we should be with our diet and exercise.

Understand the key links between hormonal control, weight and energy levels on a daily basis. Understand the link between our diet and exercise patterns and optimal hormonal control and learn how to optimism metabolism and energy levels with the right mix of diet, exercise and lifestyle balance.

So, if you have been feeling tired and run down, and do not know why, it could be time to consider if it may be time to take a closer look at what could be going on with your hormones. 



Susie has had a long association with a number of schools speaking to both students and parents on subjects ranging from fuelling for sport, promoting positive body image and what is good nutrition for kids.

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Priming Our Girls For Good Health, For Life

Adolescence is a challenging time and food and body issues are common. Good nutritional habits formed during this time are not only crucial for optimal growth and development but for academic performance, energy, weight and hormonal control and to promote positive body image.

This session will outline the core components that combine to give teenage girls a strong nutritional platform from which to build good food and activity habits for life.

With particular emphasis on healthy snacking, food preparation, high risk feeding behaviours, exercise and positive eating behaviours, this is information every teenage girl and her parents needs to help sure good eating patterns are developed for life.

A core information based session for any high school aged girl, teacher or parent.

Sports Nutrition for Elite Performance

Elite teenage athletes need strong nutritional habits to fuel their growing bodies for their sport and for their studies. Learn the sports nutrition basics for optimal fueling in both training and competitions.

Understand how to carb load; prepare and recover for events and how to balance typical teenage eating with the requirements for sport. Know what you should be drinking and when for optimal hydration on a daily basis.

Understand the link between your daily fuel intake and the goals you have for your strength and body composition and understand the latest on supplementation and whether it is appropriate for an athlete of a particular age and level.

An information based session for any female or male teenage athlete of all stages of development.

Sports Supplements – For Who and When?

Recent sport science developments have seen sports supplements come under fire, especially for their use with teenage athletes.

This seminar will outline the most up to date recommendations when it comes to young athletes and supplements. Learn what are supplements and what are their most commonly used forms. Understand where certain supplementary foods can / may be used to optimise performance.

Learn the difference between supplementary sports foods and dietary supplements and what are the potential advantages and disadvantages of each.

Most importantly under stand the various legal implications of supplementation and how to ensure any supplements used long term are both safe and effective.

An important seminar for any elite teenage athletes delivered by a qualified sports dietitian who has worked with elite level teams.


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