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Recipes you can make with the items in your pantry.

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After a long period in isolation, it’s likely that you’re in need of a little cooking inspiration. Your go-to recipes have been made several times already, you still have a few packets of rice and pasta in the cupboard and you’re trying to avoid another supermarket trip as you have plenty food at home. So, if you’re looking for new ideas to prepare at home, here are some tasty recipes you can make at home with items already in your pantry.


If you are lucky enough to still have a supply of flour on hand, there are many ways to maximise its use in isolation. Banana breakfast pancakes are an easy go-to, as are banana pikelets for a light snack for little tummies. Then we have healthy versions of favourites, including muffins and banana bread, and don’t forget that flour can also be used with milk to make a lighter version of a cream sauce for pies, lasagne and cheesy sauce for vegetable bakes. The good thing about flour is that no matter which type you opt for, wholemeal, chickpea, banana or oat, you will get pretty similar results with these recipes.


Whether it is stock cubes or liquid stock, you have flavour ready to go that will compliment a number of recipes. While stocks can be high in salt there are reduced salt varieties available, and even liquid stocks that do not contain any added salt, although they tend to be more expensive. Not only are stocks a flavoursome base to soups but they can be used to marinate meat, add flavour to casseroles and risotto or to add extra flavour to any vegetable mix you have. This means that you can literally add stock to any mix of vegetables you have left in the fridge and create a tasty new side dish or light dinner in minutes.

Tinned soup

Contrary to popular belief, tinned soup can be an extremely nutritious meal option. While tinned foods can be relatively high in salt, there is an increasing number of tinned soups that are rich in vegetables as well as meat, some of which can contain up to 10g of protein per serve. Plain vegetable varieties of soup such as tomato can be teamed with a little milk or sour cream to create a filling, nutritious meal. While creamed based soups make excellent bases to pies and casseroles and are much lower fat options than whole cream itself.


Whether it is kidney beans, 4 bean mix, baked beans or chickpeas, if you scrummage around enough chances are you will find some sort of legumes in nearly every pantry you raid. Extremely versatile, protein and fibre rich legumes can be enjoyed in many ways, making them an extremely useful food to keep on hand. Whether you make your kidney beans into a Mexican feast, enjoy baked beans as a protein rich breakfast or light dinner, or add beans to your favourite salad or casserole, you will reap plenty of nutritional benefits when you add more legumes to your diet.


If you stocked up on rice in recent weeks chances are you are already stick of your favourite stir fry or risotto recipe but you may not have considered that you can make some delicious sweet treats with any type of rice you have in the cupboard. All you need to do is boil your rice with milk, a little added sweetness from fruits like banana and you have a delicious, nutritious dessert option to get you through your long ISO nights.

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