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How to spend just $40 at the supermarket

It is a commonly held belief that you need to spend a lot to eat well each week and while you can easily drop $100 at a supermarket and seem to have very little in your trolley, it is also possible to spend very little and get a whole lot of nutritious foods. The trick is to know the key nutritious yet cheap staples that you can build several meals each week around for relatively small amounts of money. Recently I took myself to Aldi with the goal of buying a weeks worth of groceries for $30. Now I couldn’t quite get it to $30 but I came pretty close with a few extremely cheap superfoods. These were my picks.

IMG_9550Corn Thins or Vita Grains

Perfect for lunches and snacks just $1.99 a box.

Rolled oats

The perfect breakfast teamed with frozen berries or tinned fruit and milk for just $1.08 per massive bag which would last 2 weeks at least.

Fruit Snacks

4 serves of peaches for just $1.99 and helps to avoid the seasonal fluctuations in price of fruit.

Baked Beans – 65c

A great sandwich or potato filler or breakfast plus protein and fibre rich.

Soup Mix – $1.49

The perfect base to a heart soup that will give you at least 10 serves and makes a light dinner or filling lunch on a budget.

Tinned Tuna

4 cans at 85c a can means $3.40 for lunches through the week.

Tomato Pasta Sauce – $1.35

A great base for vegetables, or to mix with tuna.

Brown rice – $1.39

2 serves for a dinner or lunch option

Chicken Mince – $4.99

Great with vegetables for dinner, or to make into meatballs.

Porterhouse Steak – $5.00

For a red meat hit 1-2 x a week.

Microwave Chat Potatoes – $1.79

At least 2 weeks worth and a filling side to dinner, can use to make meatballs or teamed with tuna for a filling lunch.

Cage Free Eggs  – $3.39

For omelettes, meat balls, frittatas or hard boiled to enjoy with sandwiches or crackers.

Long life Skim Milk – $1.89

For oats, tea and coffee or even as a protein rich drink.

Frozen Spinach / Vegetables – 99c / $1.99

For less than $3.00 you have enough green veges for the whole week.

Wholegrain Bread – $1.99

Can replace crackers or lunch and used for toast and sandwiches through the week

Total = $31.41

If you take your budget up to $40 you can easily add in another 2 meat serves with stir fry strips, and for $50 you can add cheese, chocolate and yoghurt.

So for just $30-50 a week you can eat extremely well. You will need to have a couple of vegetarian meals and make a soup each week but there will be plenty of food, whilst not uncompromising your nutrition.