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This is a sponsored post, brought to you by Lean Cuisine.

What will you find in the new Lean Cuisine range?

Lean Cuisine has been a well-recognised frozen meal brand in Australia for decades. Synonymous with healthy eating and calorie control, over the past 18 months I have been working closely with the chefs and innovation team at Lean Cuisine to reformulate the brand and bring to you a whole new range of healthy, frozen meal options to make simple, balanced nutrition easier, no matter how busy you are.

Most of all I am excited to share with you all the details of our new range including an Australian first – frozen breakfast options, along with a Protein Plus range for those seeking heartier, protein rich options as well as our Nutri Bowls – light, vege and grain rich meal bowls to enjoy on the go.

The primary goal of our team was to boost the nutrition in each of our meals as much as we possibly could – adding more veges and protein, choosing wholegrains where possible and creating meals that could easily slip into any healthy, calorie controlled meal plan. And to be honest even I am surprised with how exceptionally well the meals came out with such strict nutritional targets in place thanks to the work of some very talented chefs.

One of the most frequently asked questions in relation to frozen meals is about the nutritional quality after freezing, and it always comes as a surprise to hear that snap frozen meals retain much of the nutrition of the ingredients and in some cases may even be more nutrient dense than fresh meals. Individual frozen meals are also an affordable option, they offer the ease of portion control and are incredibly convenient for busy people who are trying to eat well on a budget.

So, if it has been a little while since you have enjoyed Lean Cuisine, here as our latest range in a nutshell. I would love you to give them a try and hear what you think!


With both cereal options as well as a bean and egg based breakie and two frittata options, a nutritious, quick and easy breakfast option can now always be kept on hand. My personal favourite is the Tomato, Beans & Scrambled Eggs as a fibre rich breakie option, but the Coconut & Cranberry Porridge is proving pretty popular!

Nutri Bowls

The vision was to create a salad in a bowl that can be frozen and as such enjoyed anywhere, anytime and as a result we have created 4 Nutri Bowls – a light, nutrient rich meal or snack that makes sure you have easy access to veges and grains. Plus as an added bonus we have the Vegan Plant Based Spiced Cauliflower Nutri Bowl for those opting for plant based eating. Myself, I opt for the Chicken Roasted Pumpkin & Pearl Cous Cous Nutri Bowl whenever I need a light meal.

Blue Range – 280g

Slightly smaller than our Green range, our reformulated blue favourites including Spaghetti Bolognese and Thai Green Chicken Curry now contain more veges and dietary fibre but taste just as good if not better as they did before.

Green Range – 375g

For more hearty meals, our 375g green range still offers some of our most popular meals including our Thai Red Chicken Curry and Chicken Cheese & Pepper Pasta with all the flavour and more nutrition than ever before.

Protein Plus

Now it is never good for a parent to have favourites but if I did have to name the products of the new Lean Cuisine range I am most proud of it would have to be the Protein Plus range – with more than 25g protein per 350g serve and at least 2 serves of veges and one vegan option, if you are looking for a nutritionally balanced, delicious frozen meal option at an affordable price, you cannot go past the Protein Plus meals.