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Chances are that when you think about a snack, you think about something in a package…a snack bar or a packet of something that has been designed to fill the space in between meals and give you the crunch and / or sweet or salty hit you are looking for. The issue with packaged snacks is that no matter how much we try and formulate them to be healthier, they are never going to be as good for us nutritionally (or for the environment) as a fresh, natural whole food.

So, if you needed a little more convincing as to why unprocessed snacks always come up trumps on the snack rating scale, here are some of the numbers to remind you.

Fresh Banana vs. Dried Fruit (30g)

100 calories vs. 100 calories

0g fat vs. 0g fat

22g carbs vs. 28g carbs

19g sugars (natural) vs. 28g sugars

Summary = While the calories are similar, you actually get a more concentrated source of sugars when you choose dried fruit over fresh. However, because bananas have zero fat and a high satiety index, they keep you feeling fuller for longer making them a great snacking option, no matter which form they are in!

30g Mixed Nuts / Nut Spread vs. Nut Bar

215 calories vs. 220 calories

20g fat (natural fats) vs. 16g fat

2g carbs vs. 11g carbs

0g sugars vs. 4g sugars

Summary = Not only do snack bars contain added sugars but they also tend to have a higher proportion of peanuts compared to other nutrient rich nuts such as walnuts and almonds.

Natural Yoghurt (100g) vs. Fruit Yoghurt (100g)

88 calories vs. 97 calories

5g fat vs. 4g fat

5g carbs vs. 12g carbs

5g sugars vs. 12g sugars

Summary = While the sugars in many fruit yoghurts are on the decline, they will still contain significantly more sugars than natural or Greek yoghurt minus the fibre that you will get if you add fresh fruit to yoghurt.

Small Apple vs. Small Fruit Smoothie

45 calories vs. 233 calories

0g fat vs. 3g fat

11g carbs vs. 44g carbs

11g sugars vs. 37g sugars

Summary = Smoothies can be exceptionally nutritious, but they are a much more concentrated source of energy than fresh fruit and as such are really a small meal as opposed to a snack.

Packet of Popcorn vs. Packet of Rice Snacks

35 calories vs. 105 calories

2g fat vs. 3g

5g carbs vs. 18g carbs

3g fibre vs. 0g fibre

Summary = Popcorn as a wholegrain offers the nutritional benefits of some protein and fibre but is a much lighter option than refined rice snacks which are packed full of concentrated carbs, with minimal fibre or protein and often flavours added.

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